Neutral Newborn Session

One of the most important parts in choosing colors for your newborn session is making sure that they’ll match your home. Some parents opt to hang the portraits in the nursery and choose colors that will work well in baby’s room. Others parents plan to display the images throughout the main living areas of their home. Before your newborn session, make sure to think about where you envision your portraits hanging. We can color coordinate baby’s newborn session to match any color scheme or decor.

For families that want to hang portraits throughout several rooms in the house, a neutral newborn session is the perfect option. Babies look absolutely beautiful nestled into soft layers of creams, browns, grey, and tans. Small pops of color can be added with accessories.

Baby Everly’s mom let me know that she’d like to be able to hang their images anywhere in their home. For her session we decided on light neutrals with a few pops of soft pink. During Everly’s session we used a variety of timeless wood floor backdrops, classic props, and soft wraps.

After that part of the session finished up, we captured beautiful family photos on a wood backdrop.

Everly’s newborn session was a great example of how perfectly a neutral color palette can complement baby.

If you have questions about newborn sessions, or would like to book a session for your baby just click the contact button to get in touch.
Newborn baby girl wrapped in white wrap, laying in a basket surrounded by leaves and roses. Newborn baby girl wrapped in pink, laying on a cream fur.Newborn baby girl wrapped in white, laying in a basket filled with cream fur.Sleeping newborn baby girl wearing a pink boy. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.Sleeping newborn baby girl wrapped in a white wrap, laying on a rose patterned pillow. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.Sleeping newborn girl wrapped in white, laying in a wooden bucket.








Family portrait of family of 5 taken during newborn session with K.D. Elise Photography.Family photo of mom, dad, two big sisters, and newborn baby girl. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.


Make a Splash- Splash Photos!

Three Reasons We Love Splash Photos After Cake Smashes

It’s Cute

Splash photos are really stinking fun! Babies love bath-time and there’s just nothing cuter than a cake covered baby splashing in the tub. For most babies, the bath is their favorite part of our time together! I encourage all babies to make a big mess with the water. Most of the time this means they really start splashing and water is flying everywhere! Those smiles with water droplets frozen in mid air make for the most adorable photos.

It Makes Clean Up Easier

The tub portion of the session lets us send you home with a clean baby. They have fun splashing away, and you get to leave all the mess at the studio!

It Gets Smiles From Reluctant Babies

I’m going to tell you a little secret. If you have more than one kid it’s probably  not going to come as a big surprise. Babies are strange little creatures, and some of them HATE cake. Weird huh? For some babies, cake just feels really strange. Frosting is sticky, and for particularly “neat” babies it can be a bit shocking to have it all over their little hands. Babies who dislike cake, often love the bath. This gives us the chance to get adorable smiles from baby.

Photos of baby girl splashing in a bathtub after cake smash session with K.D. Elise Photography.

All cake smash sessions from K.D. Elise Photography include first birthday portraits before the cake smash, the cake smash itself, and splash photos. Your baby’s cake smash can be created to match any theme or color scheme that you’d like. These are the perfect way to celebrate baby’s first birthday!


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